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Join the Impact Team – Summer Internships

Most likely you have a passion for students because someone took the time to make an impact on you when you were a student. Now it’s your turn. The students who come on LeaderTreks trips are looking for leadership development. They are looking for someone who can show them the way and who can challenge them to spiritual growth. Programs and places don’t make the difference, people do.

LeaderTreks is looking for leaders who want to develop a new generation of student leaders.

Joining LeaderTreks means joining a vision. Our vision is to develop leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. It’s not just our hook; it’s what we are passionate about. Our program is driven by the facilitator role our staff and interns play. As an intern, you will learn to ask tough questions, confront mediocre behavior, and be prepared to do the hard work of creating a student leader. As a part of the LeaderTreks intern team, you will receive intense training. Each intern will get a personal leadership assessment, equipping you with skills and knowledge for a future in student ministry.

During your adventure with LeaderTreks, we will place you on a missions or wilderness site where you will build relationships with students. You will be partnered with a trip leader who will disciple, challenge, and evaluate you throughout your summer.  Three things you are guaranteed to experience:

Leadership Development
Your internship will begin with a  5 day training experience designed to equip you with the tools you will need for the summer. As you go out on trips, you will also receive ongoing training and evaluation.  We want to see you grow, so we will place you in leadership roles that will challenge and develop you as a leader.

Self Discovery
You need to know who you are, and we want to help you discern your God-given strengths. You will discover your leadership type targeting areas in which you excel and are challenged.  It is through self discovery you will gain the confidence you need to change the world for Christ.


You will learn to ask tough questions, confront mediocre behavior, and be prepare to do the hard work of mentoring student leaders. Being an example to youth allows you to evaluate your own life and set goals for personal growth.  When you step out of your comfort zone, you cannot help but grow.

If you’re interested in interning with a cutting edge youth ministry, give us a call and we will share all the details with you. 877-502-0699

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