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Consistency: The Knot that Ties Everything Together

By Guest Contributor September 15, 2014

By: Phil Bell

Today I want to pass along a quick but crucial training tip I give all my volunteers. Today’s tip is easy to remember yet remarkably crucial: Consistency is key. It is the knot that ties everything together. Here’s why:

1. Consistency Deepens Relationships. This is probably the most important reason for volunteer leaders to be consistent. Students are more likely to open up to a leader who is regularly there. In a world of adults coming and going in the lives of students, we need to model greater commitment. The regular conversations, encouragement, laughs, questions, and presence all add up to deeper relationships. And those deeper relationships will often lead to more meaningful spiritual conversations and prayer opportunities.

2. Consistency Communicates Care. One of the best ways you can communicate care is simple—just be there. Students are aware that volunteers could be at home, out with friends, or taking time for themselves. By showing up regularly, volunteers demonstrate that the students are their priority. This conveys an important message: “I am choosing to be here for you.”

3. Consistency Fosters Teamwork. Community develops between volunteers who show up week after week. And on a practical level, their consistency allows them to rely on each other for planning and implementation of programs and events. If everyone is on the same page, you no longer have a series of individual volunteers; you have a team. This is vital in any youth ministry.

4. Consistency Helps Me. Adults volunteer because they love students, but few will show up if they don’t trust the leader. That should be an encouragement to you—they trust your leadership. On the other hand, it’s helpful for us, as leaders, to admit that we need them. Some leaders find this hard to do, but volunteers need to see know that their contribution matters. Find ways to show them that they are positively impacting students. Go up to each of them individually, and affirm the specific ways they are helping you.

Without consistency, relationships will remain shallow. Without consistency, students will wonder if your adults even care. Without consistency, volunteers will remain silos, clocking in hours instead of joining together as a team. You may have everything else in order—insightful lessons, engaging activities, and amazing people—but if your volunteers aren’t consistent, all that hard work will mean very little.

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