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You are at a military base, and there is a war going on just outside. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to bring food and water to the innocent civilians. The only available resource that you have is planes. And so, it is up to the pilots to take off and dodge the missiles in order to make it safely to the people. Innocent civilians are counting on you for survival.

This is what students will experience as they jump into the activity of Battlefield. In this leadership initiative, students will interactively learn about the principles of communication, team unity, and trust – all of which are necessary to have a successful and effective team. As they interact with one another to complete the mission, students will be faced with challenges that can be discussed at the end of the activity and applied back to real life situations. This resource is equipped with debrief questions to help you in that process of connecting the dots from a fun activity to the principles of leadership in their personal lives.

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