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Our lives are full of distractions. There are very few moments in each day when our attention isn’t being fought over by marketing, entertainment, or social media. Because of this, focus is often a tough thing to develop and even a harder thing to maintain. Every great leader, however, needs to learn focus. Without focus, you cannot be successful in leadership.

Islands is an exercise, or initiative, to use as a interactive way to teach students that in life and leadership, Focus Precedes Success. This is one of LeaderTreks’ 10 Leadership Principles, and it is vital for students to understand as they take on leadership roles now and in the future. Islands will help students experience the importance of focus as individuals and as a team. By debriefing the challenges of the initiative, students can be led to identify areas of distraction in their own lives. Understanding Focus Precedes Success will prepare students well for their leadership roles in your ministry as well as build a strong foundation for the future as they go out and impact the world for Christ.

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