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student mission trips

Summer Trip Leaders

Real youth ministry experience.

Grow your leadership.



What Summer TRIP LEADING looks like:

1. Be trained remotely and in person at our office in Carol Stream, IL throughout the spring in the LeaderTreks program and leadership development model.
You will learn the LeaderTreks program and leadership development model. Training includes:

  • Developing the ability to facilitate and debrief our team-building initiatives.
  • Learning how to facilitate leadership assessments
  • Learning the hard and soft skills of running a leadership focused trip
  • Understanding the biblical basis of our 10 Leadership Principles and 5 Tasks and Traits of a Leader and knowing how to use them for discipleship.
  • Learn how to effectively build relationships with both students and adults.
  • Understanding the basics of effective discipleship and how to develop students as leaders.

2. Lead mission trips for 9 weeks.
You will work alongside missionary partners throughout the United States or Latin America who are committed to the Lord and are passionate about developing leaders. These are visionaries who will show you what it means to do real ministry.

  • Our mission sites include Atlanta, Chicago, Dayton, Kentucky, Memphis, Pawleys Island, Milwaukee, Austin, Florence, Myrtle Beach, and Costa Rica.

3. Develop interns during the summer.
You will have one to two college-age interns assigned to work with you during the summer. You will mentor and develop them as you work alongside each other.

  • LT staff will have weekly mentoring sessions with interns assigned to them.
  • Trip Leaders will delegate responsibility to their interns in a way that will benefit trips and students as well as help the intern grow in leadership and discipleship.

4. Gain clarity in your passions, gifts, and calling.
As a Summer Trip Leader, you will gain a clearer perspective of God’s calling in your life. This happens through the training you receive, during the experiences you have leading trips, and through the people you will work alongside.

  • You will take a battery of assessments that will help you better understand how God has gifted and wired you, building a personal leadership and personality profile.
  • You will receive weekly evaluation from Trip Partners and mentoring from our Director of Trips that is focused on helping you improve your leadership and placing you in areas of giftedness.

6. Experience intentional youth ministry

  • During the summer, you’ll interact with dozens of  youth workers from all over the country. Through that interaction, tons of training, and real life experience in the field, you’ll grow in the skills and awareness needed to disciple and develop students for years to come.


How a Trip Works: Principles + Experience = Transformation

On trips, we teach students practical leadership principles and give them an experience in which they can put them into practice. We believe this is how transformation happens. Trip leaders are trained to be deliberate and intentional with every aspect of the trip in order to transform students’ lives rather than simply giving them a good experience.
Here are some examples of what this looks like on a trip:

  • Food: The trip leader gives a student the responsibility to lead their peers on the food team to cook and feed their team. The trip leader coaches that student, using both their successes and failures to teach leadership principles.
  • Work Site: The trip leader selects and facilitates the work site in order to give students maximum opportunities for growth. They are trained to strategically apply leadership principles and biblical truth to connect the dots between what is happening on the trip to their relationship with Jesus.
  • Ministry: LT staff coach and mentor ministry team student leaders in what it means to lead their team by connecting leadership principles with real ministry experience, helping students realize their potential to do amazing work in God’s kingdom.
  • Evaluation: Each evening, teams will have an evaluation session led by LT staff. These sessions will help students recognize positive actions as well as things that need improvement. The trip leader will help students set goals and will teach them to make specific and measurable action steps to achieve those goals.
  • Teaching: LT staff will lead nightly Team Time meetings on trips. These meetings include evaluation, Bible study, prayer, and an encouragement segment. Trip leaders will facilitate dynamic discussions with students, helping them see the connections between the Bible, their experiences on the trip, and their lives back home.
  • Training: LT staff will lead nightly training sessions for adults on the trip to help them better understand how to develop students as leaders.