2022 Graduation Bundle

Great grad gift!
Resources to help your students discover their God-given identity and mission

Help your students discover their God-given identity and mission with the 2022 Graduation Bundle. This is a great tool for any of your students facing transitions or just trying to uncover parts of their future journey.

This bundle includes:


Moving On is a practical, interaction student work book that makes a great grad gift. Using the formula Burden+Passion+Vision=Mission, Moving On helps students map out the next steps for their future, based on the clues that God has already been leaving in their lives.

Give this book to any of your students facing transitions or those who are trying to uncover parts of their future journey.

Burden + Passion + Vision = Mission

All of us want to help our students start to identify the mission God has given them, but most of our students have more questions than answers when it comes to figuring out what’s next. It’s our job to help them uncover the hints and breadcrumbs–burdens, passions, visions–God has scattered all throughout their lives.

Burden – What breaks your heart

Passion – What brings you to life

Vision – What God is telling you to do

Mission – The road you’ll take to get there

These clues come from your students’ pasts, their gifts, their skills and their experiences. When we help our students put these pieces together, the road ahead gets a little more clear.

Includes 4 Assessments:

  1. Burden Survey
  2. Passion Survey
  3. Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  4. Unique Abilities Assessment

Act.Love.Walk Student Discipleship Journal is a 4-Week Student Discipleship Journal designed to help students navigate what it means to follow God with all our heart.

Life gets tough when we don’t know what’s expected of us. We have no way of navigating what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us to wander through life without any directions. He has given us a set of expectations to show us clearly which paths will take use where we need to go. These expectations aren’t arbitrary rules imposed on us just to make our lives harder. Quite the opposite—God’s expectations exist to give our lives meaning and direction. One important thing to know about God’s expectations: they can’t be faked. They have to start with serious heart transformation that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Act.Love.Walk Student Discipleship Journal contains 4 weeks of:

  • Bible studies
  • Challenges
  • Thought Provoking Experiences
  • Hard Questions
  • Marks of a Disciple

Here’s a look at each week’s theme:

  • Week One: Act Justly
  • Week Two: Love Mercy
  • Week Three: Walk Humbly
  • Week Four: Know Jesus


2022 Graduation Bundle