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Foundations of Leadership

Overall Topic: Laying a strong foundation for student leadership.

Number of Sessions: 4

Session Topics:

  • Defining a leader
  • Who leaders are
  • What leaders need
  • What leaders do

Distinctive Element: Foundations of Leadership provides all the resources you need to lay a strong foundation of leadership for your students. The curriculum will lead your team through a hands-on experience that will teach them the basics of being a leader. LeaderTreks has discovered that by engaging students in the process of learning they are better able to apply learning to their lives.

Each session includes

  • Introduction – Summarizes the goals for the session
  • Going Public – An intriguing question to kick off your study that requires students to go public with their own personal experience with a certain truth
  • Getting Focused – Probing the topic
  • Growing Deeper – Scriptural study
  • Growing Together – Team-building initiative
  • Going Forward – Applying the principle to life
  • Summary – Recap of the session

We love this retreat. Our staff has been running it for years at churches around the country with great reviews. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your students leadership in a retreat setting this is it.

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