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Lead Like Jesus – 4 Week Series

4-Lesson Discipleship Curriculum

Lead Like Jesus is a discipleship tool that will help your students learn how to depend on God and influence others well. These 4 Bible-based lessons, with discussion questions and experiential activities, will challenge students to follow Jesus’ example in leadership and in their relationship with their Heavenly Father. Plus, these lessons can be adapted for both a small or a large group context.


  1. Follow the Voice (John 10:1–15)
  2. Have Faith (Matthew 17:14–20)
  3. Don’t Ask, Invite (Matthew 4:18–22)
  4. Bring the Good News (Mark 5:1–20)


  • 4 Bible-based Lessons
    • These deep, experiential lessons include facilitator and student guides.
  • Parent Guide
    • We crafted this guide for you to invite your students’ parents into the discipleship process. The guide includes questions parents can ask their children about the lessons, and activities families can do together to further cement what students have learned.
  • Experiential Activities in every lesson
    • Each lesson takes students deeper through Live It Out activities that tie into the discipleship topic. These are more than just games or distractions. They’re fun, memorable ways for students to discover how the lesson’s principles play out in life.
  • Media & Graphics
    • We have designed logos, memory verse graphics (perfect for social media), presentations, and more for you to display.

Lead Like Jesus – 4 Week Series


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