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Leading WITH God

Student Leadership Training

Overall Topic: Helping students partner with God in leadership.
Distinctive Element: Leading WITH God is a downloadable, ready-to-use, lesson on a specific leadership principle. Download includes a facilitator’s guide (Word and PDF) complete with instructions, time frames, extra notes, and activities as well as a reproducible student handout (Word and PDF).

When talking about leadership in God’s Kingdom, it’s especially easy for students to think it’s their job to do things for God. That kind of reasoning fits neatly into how the rest of their lives are organized—chores for parents, homework for teachers, practice for coaches, entertainment for “me,” etc. But God doesn’t need them to do Kingdom work for him, he wants to do it with them. This lesson will show how that simple change in perspective can change the way they relate to God. Lastly, a short activity will challenge students to examine their schedule and live their entire lives with God.

In this lesson, students will:

  • Study Jesus’ invitation to minister with him (not for him) in Matthew 28.
  • Look at how sawdust in a car engine shows how living life with God is more sustainable and enjoyable than striving for him.
  • Examine their schedules in an activity that challenges them to live their entire lives for God.

Everything you need is included:

  • Downloadable Facilitator Guide (Word and PDF)
  • Downloadable Student Handout (Word and PDF)
  • Biblical examples
  • Debrief and discussion questions
  • Experiential activity
  • Practical Life Application