Post Trip Training: Mission Life

Overall Topic: Post-trip training materials to help students transition back home while staying committed to living a changed life

Number of Sessions: 4

Session Objectives:

  • Students prepare for the transition from the mission trip to home.
  • Students take the motivation they have from the trip and apply it to changing their lives at home.
  • The team strategizes ways to stay connected to each other and to a cause.
  • Students learn how to translate their mission trip experience into a mission for life.

Distinctive Element: Each lesson contains an activity that helps students solidify the mission trip experience in their life. Working together to transition back home encourages students to identify what they learned and to determine to stay committed to the changes they made. Our recommended timeline for the four sessions is at the end of the trip, then one week, three weeks, and six to eight weeks after the trip.

What is Mission Life about?
The greatest challenge faced by anyone who organizes a mission trip is how to make the trip truly life changing. Mission Life helps you cement the trip experience into changed lives back home. The curriculum is designed to give your team a platform to debrief, discuss issues, and stay accountable and connected.

Four self-contained sessions include everything you need to run highly successful, interactive post-trip training sessions. Mission Life includes:

  • Teaching outlines and notes
  • Reproducible student guides
  • Related activities
  • Application-oriented assignments

Who should use Mission Life?
Anyone taking students on a mission trip will benefit from this post-trip curriculum. Transitioning from the trip to home is usually difficult for students. They can become disillusioned or even depressed. You can help them bridge the gap between the trip and everyday life. You can help them apply what they learned on the trip to life at home. You can help them continue to live on a mission for God.

Post Trip Training: Mission Life


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