deep discipleship curriculum multiply for youth ministry

Multiply – 16 Week Curriculum

Challenge students to impact the faith of those around them. Multiply  will equip your students to grow their faith from personal to influential.

16 weeks of large group talks, small group lessons, parent guides, and experiential activities.

How is Multiply  different?

Each lesson of Multiply includes what you’ve come to expect from Deep Discipleship: Bible study, hard questions, activities, specific life applications, and everything you need to help students grow discipleship principles in their own lives. But these lessons also take students a step further through the Multiply It section. This new component helps students see and learn how to live as disciples in a way that impacts the people around them for God’s kingdom.

Multiply contains 16 weeks of content:

  • 16 Bible-based Lessons
    • These deep, experiential lessons include facilitator and student guides. Multiply includes two lessons for each of the eight roots of Deep Discipleship. For a list of lesson titles, see below.
  • 16 Bonus Sermon Outlines
    • We created these bonus sermons to help those of you who meet in several different settings. The material covered in these outlines goes beyond what is covered in the primary Multiply lessons to create a fuller picture of each discipleship topic.
  • Parent Guides
    • We crafted these guides for you to invite your students’ parents into the discipleship process. They include questions parents can ask their children about the lessons, special notes to give parents deeper insight into the topics, and activities families can do together to further cement what students have learned.
  • Experiential Activities in every lesson
    • Each lesson takes students deeper through Live It Out activities that tie into the discipleship topic. These are more than just games or distractions. They’re fun, memorable ways for students to discover how the lesson’s principles play out in life.
  • Media & Graphics
    • We have designed animated videos, logos and graphics, media presentations, and more for you to display.

Multiply was created to fit perfectly within the Deep Discipleship system, but it also works great as 16 weeks of standalone content.


Lessons Included:

Rescue Root: Knowledge Root: Kingdom Root: Outreach Root:
Confession Idols Welcoming Desire for Justice
Hope Teachable Urgency Truth and Love

Apologetics Root: Worship Root: Community Root: Identity Root:
Humility Listening Peacemakers Spiritual Maturity
Trust Thankfulness Commitment Consistency

Multiply – 16 Week Curriculum


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