Download 2 FREE Thanksgiving Bible Studies!

Overall Topic: Thankful includes 2 Bible-based Lessons for helping students learn how to identify and acknowledge daily areas of thankfulness. These interactive lessons will take students beyond “thankfulness” in church or on a holiday, and help them develop a thankful attitude that will motivate them to serve, love and worship God differently.

Lesson 1: Thankful – More Than a Day

Lesson 2: Thankful – Why It Matters

Distinctive Element: Thankful is 2 downloadable, ready to use, and Biblically based lessons.  The downloads includes a facilitator’s guide complete with instructions, time frames, extra notes, and activities as well as reproducible student handouts.

**Each lesson can be done with a group of students, or even in a mentoring relationship with just 1-2 students.  The Facilitator Guide includes leader notes that help you adjust the lesson for your group.

Everything you need is included:

  • Lesson objectives
  • Facilitator notes
  • Student handouts
  • Biblical examples
  • Debrief and discussion questions
  • Activity
  • Application


Download Thanksgiving Bible Study

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