A Complete Discipleship System For Leading Intentional Youth Ministry

Too Many Students
Are Not Experiencing
Spiritual Growth

Deep Discipleship Changes That

With the help of our NEW Deep Discipleship System, you’ll train your volunteers how to disciple students. The NEW Deep Discipleship is designed to be more than a curriculum; it’s an entire system to support the discipleship efforts across your ministry.

Deep Discipleship System

Every meeting time and event generated from your student ministry will have the element of discipleship woven through it. Deep Discipleship provides you with all the tools needed to transform volunteers into committed disciple-makers, encourage junior high and high school students to take ownership in the ministry, and equip parents to lead the charge at home.

Deep Discipleship Strategy

In Deep Discipleship, you’ll follow the blueprint of our Deep Discipleship Strategy.



Student growth takes place in the context of trust-based relationships.



Intentional Programming communicates to volunteers their purpose and role.



True discipleship leads to transformation in the lives of students.



Partnering with parents puts youth workers and parents on the same team.



When given opportunities to lead, students become owners of the faith.

The responsibility you carry as the spiritual leader of a youth group can be overwhelming at times. What should I teach? What events should I plan?  Am I making a difference? This strategy eliminates the uncertainties of how to move your students toward spiritual maturity by focusing on the 5 key elements that promote discipleship in your youth ministry.

What’s Included

Our Essential subscription provides the vital pieces needed to begin a strategic approach towards discipling your students. The Premium subscription gives you an entire system to install in your ministry where every Bible study, meeting, event, communication, and training session for the year is packaged for you with discipleship at its very core. In both options, you will have instant access to all the downloadable content and online resources so you can start planning and implementing the Deep Discipleship system today.

  • Teaching
  • 12 Months of Curriculum
  • 2 Bonus Series (Seasonal & Graduation)
  • 56 Large Group Sermon Outlines w/Illustrations
  • 56 Small Group Lessons
  • 56 Hybrid Teaching Lessons
  • 50 Object Lesson Library
  • 14 Series Promo Videos
  • 14 Series Bumper Videos
  • Series & Screen Graphics
  • Series Social Media Package
  • Worship Song Playlists
  • Weekly Volunteer/Parent Emails
  • Annual Teaching Strategy
  • Discipleship
  • Discipleship Pathway Tool
  • Reach–Grow–Go Strategy Guide
  • Youth Ministry Assessment
  • 8 Roots of the Gospel Training Guide
  • Annual Ministry Strategy Planner
  • 4 Outreach Events
  • 4 Go Serve Events
  • Disciple Now / Weekend Retreat
  • Discipleship Tracker App
  • Games
  • 25 Interactive Screen Games
  • Instructions & Gameplay Options
  • 8 Team-Building Games
  • Student Leadership
  • Student Leadership Strategy Guide
  • Leadership Pathway Tool
  • Reimagining Student Leadership E-Book
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • 12 Leadership Team Teaching Lessons
  • 3 Leadership Service Project Event Guides
  • Leadership Weekend Retreat
  • Volunteers
  • Volunteer Kickoff & Vision-Casting Event
  • 4 Quarterly Training Events
  • Year-End Celebration Events
  • Volunteer Roles Strategy Guide
  • Volunteer Placement Tool
  • Volunteer Training Cards
  • Volunteer Email Templates
  • Editable Volunteer Postcards
  • Discipleship Pathway Video Training & Guides
  • Leadership Pathway Video Training & Guides
  • Volunteer Planning & Schedule Tool
  • Monthly Calendar Templates
  • Semester Calendar Templates
  • Parents & Families
  • Parent Strategy Guide
  • Weekly Email Templates & Discussion Guides
  • Editable Parent Postcards
  • 12 Parent/Student At-Home Activities
  • 3 Parent Meetings
  • 3 Family Service Projects
  • 2 Family Night Events
  • Monthly Calendar Templates
  • Semester Calendar Templates
  • Missions
  • Bring 2 Free Adults on LeaderTreks Mission Trips
  • Greenhouse Mission Trip Growth Resource
  • 4 Pre-Trip Training Sessions
  • On-Trip Devotional
  • 4 Post-Trip Training Sessions


$595/ year


$995/ year

Teaching Series

What are people saying about Deep Discipleship?

Slide 1

"I’ve been a fan of LeaderTreks for years and loved the original version of Deep Discipleship. The NEW Deep Discipleship is even more complete. In addition to great curriculum there are student & volunteer leadership options to help you invest those serving in your ministry along with parent & family strategies and mission trip resources. Even with all that’s provided, there is still room for your ministry to mold it into your culture and context.”

Cory Liebrum
Youth & Family Ministry Specialist, Center for Church Health
Texas Baptists General Convention of Texas
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“Youth Ministry can feel overwhelming: wrangling students, coordinating events, developing leaders, teaching the Bible, leading worship. It's easy to feel like you'll never get it all done, or are doing none of it well. Deep Discipleship provides biblically grounded direction and support for youth ministers, equipping them with useful tools to tackle the many dimensions of ministry.”

Dr. Steven L. Jones
Slide 3

“This Deep Discipleship Curriculum is a wonderful and much needed resource. In my 6 years of serving as a youth pastor, one of the greatest challenges was trying to incorporate continuity to the various aspects of a healthy and thriving youth ministry. This material has been well-thought out and carefully designed to be helpful and holistic in its approach to assist those serving in youth ministry.”

Steven Platt
Pastor, Providence Baptist Church (Hattiesburg, MS)
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"Watching teenagers develop and grow in their faith is perhaps one of the greatest rewards any student ministry and student minister may experience. Teenagers are trendsetters in our culture, and that includes being an example in their faith. This Deep Discipleship resource is an instrument that will certainly help to elevate those opportunities for spiritual growth."

Matt Law


  • Who is this curriculum for?View

    Deep Discipleship is designed for both junior high and senior high students. Also included are resources and tools for parents and adult volunteers.

  • How do I access the content?View

    All of the content for Deep Discipleship is in digital format and is downloadable through your account immediately after purchase. Go to your Dashboard and navigate to the Curriculum Center to access your content.

  • How long can I access the content?View

    Downloadable content is completely yours and you can keep it forever. New content will be available each year in May.

  • What “year” or “volume” of content will I get today?View

    Deep Discipleship Year 1 (DD1) is currently available. Deep Discipleship Year 2 (DD2) will be available in May 2023 with new teaching series, games, and resources.

  • When do I get the next year’s content?View

    You’ll have access to content based on your renewal date. Each time your subscription renews, you’ll receive access to the newest content. For example: If you sign up in January 2023, you’ll immediately have access to all of the content in DD1. When your subscription renews in January 2024, you’ll receive access to DD2. If you sign up in June 2023, you’ll immediately have access to DD2.

  • When does my subscription renew?View

    Your subscription will automatically renew every year on the anniversary of your original purchase date.

  • How do I get my free DNow?View

    A unique coupon will be sent to you via email and will also be automatically added to your leadertreks.org account. To redeem, shop for a DNow Study on our website. When you add a DNow Study to your cart, your coupon should automatically pop up—just click it to use. Your DNow coupon will expire 1 year from your purchase date.

  • Can I modify the content?View

    Some lessons and resources are provided in an editable format so you can modify individual lessons, add your own elements, and customize for your ministry needs.

  • Can I share the content?View

    The content is meant to be used solely within the church/organization that purchased it.

  • Do I have to follow the scope and sequence?View

    We have created an order based on what we think flows best, but you know your students better than anyone, so you can walk through the curriculum in whatever order you think is best.

  • Can I get printed copies of the Discipleship Pathway tool?View

    Yes. We’ve provided you with a digital copy of the Discipleship Pathway tool. If you want to skip the printing process, you can get copies of the Discipleship Pathway for each of your students here.