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  • The Lie About Missions

    Mission Trip Resources, Student Leadership

    Posted on May 20, 2015 by Kyle Rohane

    We all know that mission trips can be powerful experiences, but we also know they don’t always help in the ways we’d like them to. There’s only so much a small group of inexperienced but well-intentioned people can do over a week or so. Writers have started pointing out some of the flaws in the […]

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  • Don’t Let Students Waste This Summer

    Life, Youth Ministry

    Posted on May 19, 2015 by Chris Maxwell

    By this point, you have many summers under your belt and you’re likely to encounter many more. But each summer only happens once. Don’t waste it. Help your students take advantage of these months so that when they look back they’ll say, “The decisions I made during the summer of 2015 changed my life. I’m […]

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Training the Youth Ministry Leaders of Tomorrow

The church is one generation away from running out of leaders. At LeaderTreks youth ministry, we provide the leadership tools for youth ministry. We help youth workers develop leadership skills, we challenge adult volunteers to move from participants to mentors, and we give students an opportunity to lead. We provide leadership training for everyone who serves in youth ministry. Our youth ministry leadership programs include mission trips, wilderness trips, leadership training retreats, and Refuel Retreats for youth workers.

Developing Leaders Takes Dedication

Leadership can be learned. This truth is core to everything we do at LeaderTreks youth ministry. Leadership is not something we are born to. It is a process. We believe there is a set of leadership principles that, when applied, allow normal people to do extraordinary things. These principles include communication, problem solving, focus, and navigation. A great place to start in leadership is to learn how to use these principles effectively.

All the Tools Youth Leaders Need

We support the local church youth ministries by providing leadership development tools and experiences designed to grow students into leaders. We have an intentional process for the development of students. We partner with youth leaders who are passionate about developing and equipping the next generation of leaders in church and culture. Our experiences challenge and change participants. Students return confident and motivated with a broadened worldview and a new vision for how they can lead and serve others.