embrace the awkward and celebrate the “extra” of junior high

made-for-junior high curriculum and resources


But hand-me-down high school curriculum doesn’t have to be your only option

Dive into a curriculum designed just for junior high

start teaching customized lessons

Junior highers are a unique brand of human. They need lessons that reflect their unique needs.

harness the energy of your junior highers

Use experiential learning to capture your students’ attention.

plant students on a firm foundation of faith

Share core truths that help students stick with their faith in high school and beyond.

We know that junior highers are a special group that move in herds. After all, we got our start working in junior high ministry.

Just like you, we want to see them run hard after Jesus. That’s why we put so much time into developing curriculum and experiences that are designed just for junior high.

here’s our unique formula behind every herd junior high resource

every lesson zeroes in on one biblical truth

Junior highers have a 7 minute attention span. They need creative lessons that incorporate different teaching styles to drive home one key takeaway.

we keep things fun with exploratory activities

Junior highers learn best when they’re active, so why not let them learn through play and experience? And chances are you’ll have more fun teaching, too.

we focus on daily habits that lead to spiritual growth

We all want to see junior highers become self-feeders. That’s why, in each lesson series, we include tools like Bible Study and Prayer methods to encourage spiritual growth.

Junior highers deserve better than hand-me-down curriculum. HERD Junior High Curriculum is made-for-junior high and helps to lift and plant students on a firm foundation of faith.

At LeaderTreks Youth Ministry, we know that you don’t want Junior High Ministry to be an afterthought. In order to do that, you need a curriculum that embraces the awkward and celebrates the “extra” of junior highers. 

Buy HERD curriculum. And in the meantime, download our “5 Steps to a Thriving Junior High Youth Ministry.” So you can stop using dumbed-down high school curriculum and instead start using a curriculum that’s designed just for junior highers. HERD will lift and plant students on a firm foundation of faith.