Stampede – Junior High – One-Year Curriculum

One-year curriculum for junior high students that grows spiritual maturity by digging into what God has said through his Word.
48 completely downloadable and easy-to-use lessons. Includes Student Service Opportunity Ideas, Parent Resources, and Media.

What is Herd Junior High?

Junior high students are a unique brand of human, so they need a unique brand of curriculum to match. That’s why Herd Junior High exists!

Why Stampede

Have you ever noticed that junior highers tend to run in packs? They spend time in groups and start to talk and act like the people they hang out with. This pack mentality bleeds into their spiritual lives. Stampede is a year-long curriculum (48 lessons) that asks the question: Are students just going with the flow (and away from Christ)? Or are they making their faith their own? By studying various themes and books of the Bible, Stampede is designed to help students move from blindly chasing what’s temporary to following Jesus with purpose. Help students develop a habit of running toward Jesus.

What’s Included?

  • 48 Lessons (divided into monthly, 4-lesson series) (PDF and Word)
  • Student Service Opportunity Ideas
  • Parent Guides (with conversation starters)
  • Media and Graphics
  • Video Training
  • Memory Verses (ready to share on social media)

Scope and Sequence

Recommended Structure

In Stampede, we’ve included one four-lesson series for each month of the calendar year. Depending on your schedule, you can start anywhere, skip a lesson, or base your sequence on the needs of your group.

Looking to learn more? Read our Statement of Faith.

Save when you bundle Stampede and a HERO Membership

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Stampede – Junior High – One-Year Curriculum


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