Summer Impact Team

Impact Team

More than an internship

The Impact Program is designed for college students who want to experience challenge and growth as they participate in the work of student leadership development. During a ten week summer internship, Impact Team Members partner with full-time LeaderTreks trip leaders to facilitate missions or wilderness trips. Each week, staff build transformational relationships with a new team of students from youth groups across the country, and out of these relationships staff challenge and encourage students to live a life that leads others towards Christ. Impact staff also receive valuable training, evaluation, and mentoring to help them identify their God-given strengths and equip them for future ministry opportunities.

Why join the LeaderTreks Impact Team?

We want to invest in you
At LeaderTreks, we are committed to training our Impact staff as ministry leaders. We want to see you develop the leadership skills and strength of character needed to live out the unique calling that God has placed on your life. At the start of the summer, you will build a personal leadership profile and identify possible growth areas, and throughout your internship, you and your trip leader will evaluate your performance and develop action steps to help you progress towards your goals. You will finish the summer equipped with new leadership skills and practical ministry training.

We want you to invest in students
As a member of the Impact Team, it is your job to develop students as leaders. We want you to build relationships with students that allow you to invest in their growth and development as leaders and disciples. You will ask hard questions and initiate intentional conversations with students. You will challenge students’ apathy and point them towards the truths of Scripture. You will also look for teachable moments and opportunities to teach leadership principles and encourage risk taking.

What makes the LeaderTreks Impact Program unique?

5 Distinctives of the Impact Program

  • Weeklong training trip at our Kentucky trip site. You will receive an entire week of training focused on trip leading and the process of leadership development. Full-time trip leaders will simulate the elements of a LeaderTreks mission or wilderness trip to help you understand your role within the LeaderTreks program.
  • Real leadership opportunities. As a member of the Impact team, you will be given real responsibilities. You will facilitate team discussions, manage construction projects, or teach wilderness skills. You may be put in charge of organizing food purchases or facilitating strategic debrief moments with students. You will be an important agent of student development.
  • Effective leadership training. LeaderTreks believes that leadership can be learned, and throughout the summer, our full-time staff will connect leadership principles to your leadership experiences to transform and develop your personal leadership. Your training will also prepare you to create a similar environment for students.
  • Individualized mentoring. You will work through a personalized development plan with your trip leader for the full length of the summer. We will provide you with daily and weekly evaluation tools, and your trip leader will be a consistent mentor who encourages and challenges you to explore how God has gifted you.
  • End of summer celebration and debrief. We conclude the summer with a Houseboat celebration and group debrief on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. This is a time to share your stories with fellow Impact team members, and it is also an opportunity to discern how you want to live differently as a result of your experience.

What do I do as an Impact Team member?

Typical daily trip schedule

Schedule and Staff Role

  • Breakfast Prep: Even the kitchen is a tool for leadership development, an area where you can empower students with new responsibilities. You’ll build relationships and challenge students with biblical truth as you cook alongside of them while teaching leadership principles you have been trained on.If you’re interested in interning with a cutting edge youth ministry, give us a call and we will share all the details with you.
  • Breakfast: You’ll continue to build relationships with students and prepare them for the day ahead.
  • Breakfast Cleanup: Cleanup is a chance to help students learn to cast vision for their teammates to work with excellence.
  • Devotions:: We set aside 45 minutes each day for devotions. During this time staff and students study a passage of Scripture, spend time in prayer, and answer intentional growth journal questions.
  • Work Project: Students on our trips do more than participate in a work project; we give them the skills that they need to take ownership of the work. You’ll want to look for opportunities to have intentional conversations and give specific leadership coaching to students as they work together.
  • Lunch: Lunch breaks can become great debrief opportunities with the team. You’ll help students evaluate their performance or discuss with students what they read during devotions that morning.
  • Kids Program: Many of our teams come prepared with a kids program to serve our ministry partners. It’s your job to mentor students and help them evaluate as they lead this component of the trip.
  • Dinner: Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking with students or hanging out with students during free time, dinner prep and dinner are additional opportunities to be intentional in your relationship building with students. Grab a student and a frisbee and talk through how God is challenging that student.
  • Team Time: Each night the team gathers to evaluate the day and discuss topics and applications from morning devotions. Here, you will have the opportunity to facilitate discussions about students’ goals, growth and share your personal applications from Bible study. You will also encourage a specific student each night with how you see God at work in and through his or her life.
  • Staff Meeting: You’ll meet with your trip leader and co-intern at the end of each evening and look ahead to plans for the next day. You might evaluate an aspect of the day or brainstorm ways to reach out to specific students. We want you to connect with your trip leader throughout the day, and evening meetings are another opportunity to ask questions or clarify aspects of your role.

What details do I need to know about the program?

Salary. We ask staff to fundraise $1,995 (Tax deductible donations) to participate in the Impact Program. This covers your housing, food, and travel expenses for the summer, and you can fundraise an additional $3,000 as a your summer salary. LeaderTreks will support you with fundraising tools and coaching prior to your internship.

Time Commitment. Impact Team members should plan to arrive at the LeaderTreks office in Carol Stream, IL on May 29, and training takes place through June 3. Impact team members depart with full-time trip leaders directly to their summer sites, where trips begin on June 7. Trip schedules vary per site, and all teams reunite on Lake Cumberland August 8-11 to celebrate and debrief together before returning to the Carol Stream office on August 12.
If you’re interested in interning with a cutting edge youth ministry, give us a call and we will share all the details with you. 

College Credit. Impact may fulfill your academic program’s internship requirement. We’re happy to communicate program details to your advisors and work with you to help you receive college credit for working and serving with LeaderTreks.

How do I apply?

We expect members of the Impact Team to be committed Christians with strong character and integrity. You must be teachable and receptive to consistent challenge and evaluation. You should also be skilled at building relationships, willing to take initiative, and unafraid of responsibility. To ensure that we hire high-quality staff members our application process includes the following:

  • Online Application with reference forms
  • Background check
  • Phone interview with a Candidate Manager
  • Phone interview with a full-time trip leader
  • Skype interview with a member of Management Staff


Please contact LeaderTreks for more information about the Impact Program.
Candidate Managers
Dan: 630-517-0874
Taryn: 630-517-0877

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