leadertreks youth ministry shared values

Shared Values

At LeaderTreks Youth Ministry, we care about our staff and our culture. It’s so important to us that we’ve made our staff our number one priority. Most organizations put their customers first, but long ago, we realized that if we put our staff first and develop their leadership then our customers would get our very best. To ensure that every staff member understands this priority we created the LeaderTreks Youth Ministry Shared Values. These values represent what we, as the LeaderTreks Youth Ministry staff, think are the most important factors in our success and enjoyment of life. These values are what we like about serving here; they bring us satisfaction and fulfillment.


Our purpose is to develop leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. Living out this value statement requires hard work, but it results in success, significance, influencing others, and a lasting legacy.

Innovation / Creativity

Innovation means being outside the box, on the cutting edge, and one-of-a-kind. Creativity means being empowered to pursue the process of developing new ideas, concepts, and possibilities.


We are committed to our cause, our organization, one another, and the people we serve. Excellence means we settle for nothing but the best by committing to hard work, consistency, personal responsibility, and integrity.


Pursuing adventure means taking risks that push us and others beyond perceived limits spiritually, relationally, and physically. Pursuing adventure also means having fun and generating excitement.


We build intentional community through service, sharpening one another, and valuing shared experiences. We build selective and enduring partnerships by delivering more than we promise.


  • We want to be like Jesus. We want to develop committed Christ followers who will take leadership risks for His sake.
  • We believe that leadership development is a process. We are committed to a long-term process of growth in the lives of students.
  • We believe in the potential of every student. We see students as a powerful tool in God’s hands.
  • We believe that every student can learn to be a leader. What kind of leader they will become is our key focus.
  • We believe that students learn the most about leadership when they do it. We provide real leadership experiences where students make decisions that lead to success or failure.
  • We believe that challenge is a basic ingredient to learning. Students must move outside of their comfort zone in order to grow.
  • We believe evaluation is an essential ingredient for growth. Honest examination of the leader’s performance will continue the process of development in his or her life.
  • We believe in partnering with the local church. We exist to help youth pastors by providing leadership expertise and experiences.
  • We believe that our staff need to be highly trained, full-time professionals. To this end we will provide extensive training, evaluation, and life-on-life discipleship.
  • We believe in teaching students how to live a disciplined Christian life through personal Bible study, prayer, journaling, and small group learning.
  • We believe that working for God’s Kingdom demands excellence in all we do.
  • We believe in providing our staff with a ministry-growing experience. We want to motivate and prepare them for ministry opportunities both now and in the future.