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#No Filter

Our students are dealing with an identity crisis. 

Most students hide behind filters that distort reality. They may seem harmless, but the truth is that filters are dangerous. Their view of God is affected. Their view of themselves is inaccurate. Their view of others is skewed.

When we help students see God clearly, they won’t be worried about their past mistakes or about gaining others’ approval. Their goal will be to please God, reflect his image to the world, and invite others into unfiltered life.

Use your DNow weekend to show students that God offers us freedom to remove our filters, stop hiding, and live unhindered. Invite them to understand their true identity.

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  • 4 Small Group Lessons: downloadable teacher guides and unlimited access in our free teacher management system.
  • 4 Large Group Talk Guides: simple or detailed outlines available to fit your style.
  • Large Group Media: Intro & Closing Videos, Motion Loop, Promo Videos, Social Media Graphics, PowerPoint images, and more—we’ve got you covered!
  • Parent Resources: equip parents to disciple their child with easy-to-use resources.
  • All Access to Disciple Now tools, tips, and training in the teacher management system!


  • Student Books to use during the event (+4 extra devotionals included for free!)
  • Themed T-shirts from Sunday Cool, because it’s one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Student Follow Up Journals that include 4 weeks of devotionals, challenges, and more to help students apply God’s Word to life after the event.


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