# 1 Problem in Youth Ministry

Small groups are the core discipleship tools we use to grow students in their faith. It one of the first programs we talk about when telling church leaders and parents about the ministry. We give it one to two hours a time a week, that’s half you’re program time each week. A small group is our strategy for spiritual formation in our students.

The key to a great small group is the leader. So how much time are you spending on developing the leaders of your small groups? Many of you are thinking hasn’t he talked about this before? Hey I have, because I believe it’s the number one problem in youth ministry; not enough time is being spent developing the frontline leaders who are responsible discipleship.

At LeaderTreks we are very concerned about this problem we are taken two steps this year to help youth workers. First, we created Growing Small Group Leaders (GSGL), with our friend Mac Lake. Mac understand where small groups are missing the mark it’s in the training our small group leaders receive or don’t receive.  GSGL will make you a better coach and this will help you develop better small group leaders. Two, we designed a new youth worker training called Capacity. This training teaches youth workers the five steps to developing an adult volunteer as a small group leader. Please check it our on our website.

Problems are never solved by avoiding them, we must focuses on this area of ministry and work with our adult volunteers and parents to make strong disciples for Christ.