Youth ministry deep discipleship black letters sample lesson

The Black Letters of Jesus Sample Lesson

What is The Black Letters of Jesus?
A lot of studies focus on Jesus’ words—the red letters of Scripture. But what would it look like if we focused on his actions—the black letters? The Black Letters of Jesus is a yearlong curriculum (52 lessons) based on what Jesus did while he was here on earth. Some themes may be familiar and some will allow students to see Jesus in a new way. These are lessons drawn from the life of the one who became flesh and lived among his creation.

*The Black Letters of Jesus incorporates the 8 Roots of the Gospel and Marks of a Disciple from our Deep Discipleship System.

Want to try out The Black Letters of Jesus before you buy? We understand, so we’ve provided you with a great free trial package so you can get a feel for the content, how it works, and what’s included. This isn’t just a sample; it’s an actual lesson (and more) from The Black Letters of Jesus that you can use in your ministry.

This free trial comes from the Jesus and the Least series of lessons that dive into how Jesus interacted with the least of these.

Here is what’s included:

  • How-to Guide
  • Suggested Schedule
  • Complete lesson “Who’s First”
    • Facilitator Guide (PDF & Word)
    • Student Guide (PDF & Word)
    • Parent Guide
    • Media:
      • Memory Verse
      • Powerpoint & ProPresenter Slides
      • Promotional ArtworkMedia and Graphics

Learn more about The Black Letters of Jesus One-Year Bible Study Curriculum and get the Full Version here.