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Communication Vision

By Doug Franklin October 29, 2009

I just spent the last 3 days leading a workshop for youth workers named Capacity. It’s all about growing the capacity of your youth ministry by intentionally developing the leadership of your adult volunteers (We also had a ton of fun just hanging out and eating dinner together each night – great group). One issue that came up during our time together was how often we as youth workers share the vision with volunteers and how we connect the vision to everyday events in our ministries. While it may seem repetitive, as leaders we have to share the vision often – every week or every time we are with our teammates. Vision is the fuel for our ministries. How much energy does your ministry have right now? If the energy is low put in some vision fuel. Our people need it – they serve because they believe that it will make a difference or have impact. show them the vision and help them understand why they are sacrificing.

Check me on this; do you know a high power leader? Listen closely to what he or she says. Notice how much vision is in their words. I bet it’s a lot of vision.

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