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Defining Youth Ministry Terminology

By Doug Franklin September 17, 2012

Friend vs. Youth Worker
Youth workers are more than just a student’s friend.  They have a purpose for the relationship that includes spiritual challenge, accountability, and loving care.

Living Authentically as a Youth Worker
A youth worker lives as an example at all times in their personal relationships, conduct and leadership in the youth ministry, and their own relationship with God.

Teaching for Transformation
Teaching for transformation involves discovering a transformational principle from God’s word, communicating that principle in a thought provoking way, and helping a student apply that principle to his or her life.

Youth Pastor and Volunteer Roles
The youth pastor must clearly communicate to the volunteers what his/her expectations are and what success looks like in the youth ministry.  Volunteers must understand that their primary role is to develop mentoring relationships with students.

LeaderTreks’ Youth Ministry Mission
Youth ministries are the ministry of students to the world, not the ministry of the church to students.  The difference is huge – either we see students as needing help or we see students as the answer to the world’s needs in the name of Christ.

So often we would rather tell students what we think they want to hear instead of telling them what they need.  Helping students create boundaries and live within them will create an environment in which they can spiritually grow.

Leading Small Groups
Small group leaders facilitate spiritual growth through the study of God’s word and intentional relationships. The leader must be consistent, committed, and able to create an environment that’s safe and build’s community.

Building Intentional Relationships
Intentional relationships with students are founded on the purpose of development (spiritually, mentally, emotionally).  This requires selflessness, the ability to reach out, and consistency.

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