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In and Through

By Doug Franklin January 7, 2011

I’m driving over to Mason, OH today to run a youth worker training event called In and Through. It’s an entire day training event designed exclusively to help volunteers in a youth group. I’m always excited when I get to do this training event because adult volunteers are the life blood of any successful youth ministry, and training these adult volunteers is key to that success. I’ll be covering three topics tomorrow in our training: Friend vs Youth Worker, Four Cries of a Student’s Heart, and How to Develop Students Spiritually. These trainings are always a great time because it allows me to go deep with a team of volunteers who are passionate about serving students, but may not have had the full time professional training that comes with a youth ministry degree. When volunteers receive training they are more equipped for youth work and more excited to do it.
Whether you choose to meet with your adult volunteer staff and do your own training, or you choose to bring someone in to train your staff, know the power volunteer training has for your youth group. You can’t do it alone and your well trained staff are your biggest asset when it comes to developing students.

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