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Intro for 99 Thoughts For Student Leaders

By Doug Franklin October 15, 2012

My new book 99 Thoughts For Student Leaders is out today! I thought I would give you a little taste of the book by posting the introduction. This book is great for student leadership teams. The thoughts will give you lots to talk about with your student leaders. It’s got a great price and you will love the content. Check it out at https://www.leadertreks.org/store/99-thoughts-for-student-leaders/

As leaders, you’re not always going to do things right.  The real question is what are you committed to?  We’re going to make mistakes.  We’re going to make some decisions that lead to failures.  We need to learn from those mistakes and continue to take risks.  We are committed to Jesus Christ, and we believe that He is the answer for this world.  If this is true, we’ll take risks in His name, not worrying about failure.  We will share Christ with people in this world that may never change.  We will work at solving problems that seem impossible, and we will care for the least even when it doesn’t make sense.  This is what leaders do who are committed to Christ.

These kind of leaders could care less about their position.  So someone gave you the title of student leader, who cares.  If a leader doesn’t actually lead, followers won’t actually follow.  We don’t have a title, we have a responsibility that comes from Christ.  We’re not interested in endless meetings, we want impact.

This book is about developing your leadership heart.  The thoughts and ideas in this book are designed to encourage and challenge you, make you think and help you be creative.  This book is not designed to let you go to another meeting just to talk about leadership.  It’s designed to inspire you to lead change.  Student leaders are powerful when they follow the call of God, take risks, and challenge other students to follow Christ.

Now lets get out there and have a few good failures, because that means we’re taking risks.  Nothing great has ever happened without great risk. So lets fail, learn and grow, all for the mission of Christ.

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