Hard Times

Four lessons from 1 Peter about following Jesus through the hard times.

These four lessons take a deep look at the book of 1 Peter. Peter writes a lot about the intersection of suffering, salvation, and hope in the Christian life, so each lesson helps students answer the question, “What do I do when following Jesus isn’t easy?” Students will walk away with a new understanding of the power of hope and how God works in the difficult seasons of their lives.

Lessons on the Go are easy-to-use youth ministry lessons that are Bible-based and single-focused. They’re designed to help everyone from volunteer leaders to experienced full-time youth workers quickly facilitate great discussions with clear takeaways and real-life application steps.


  1. Living Hope: Jesus gives us hope to endure the hard times that life throws our way (1 Peter 1:3–13)
  2. But I Don’t Want To!: Following Christ means obeying his commands even when it’s hard (1 Peter 1:13–2:3)
  3. Stay on Track: Be ready to explain the source of your hope during hard times—Jesus (1 Peter 3:8–17)
  4. Not Shocked: When hard times come, don’t be surprised—focus on how God will be glorified through them instead (1 Peter 4:12–19)


  • One handout for both leaders and students keeps it simple. Just print and go! For more flexibility, give the back page for students and keep the front page as a leader-only resource that you can customize.
  • How To Use This Resource page you can give to volunteers and small group leaders with tips and clear takeaways.
  • Promo graphics for the series.


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