“I Am” Series Bundle


Help your students move past the starting line of faith. The “I Am” Series Bundle is a great set of resources to take students deeper in their walks with Jesus.

This bundle includes:

Each journal includes 40-Days of: 

  • Bible Studies (using Bible Study Methods)
  • Challenges
  • Thought-provoking experiences
  • Hard Questions
  • Marks of a Disciple (Life Application)

Each journal also features a student assessment and mentor pages.

I Am New

I Am New is designed to teach students 8 essential habits of every believer. Following Jesus and living for him isn’t always easy. It takes practice and patience to learn how to live as a Christ-follower.

Starting with these 8 characteristics and actions that every believer should live out is a great way to grow a deeper relationship with God as you mature in your faith.

I Am New includes an Essential Habits Assessment written just for students, and two resources especially made for anyone just starting to follow Jesus: Prayer Methods to Practice and The Bible 101 Bible Reading Plan.



I Am a Worshiper

I Am a Worshiper is designed to designed to teach students 8 essential traits and attitudes of worship. Worship isn’t just something that we do only on Sundays. It’s a vital, life-giving part of our walks with Christ.

Worship doesn’t have to be confusing. The kind of worship we see in the Bible is a simple recognition of who God is and what he’s done for us. And it has practical implications for our daily lives.

I Am a Worshiper includes a Unique Abilities Assessment written just for students.




I Am a Disciple

I Am a Disciple is designed to help students walk the road behind Jesus. It will take students through some of the core lessons he taught his 12 disciples as they were learning to become more like him, and it will equip them to follow Christ by developing some of the spiritual muscles they need to make the journey.

Each week focuses on one of the 8 Roots of Deep Discipleship, and it is a great companion tool for any Deep Discipleship curriculum.

I Am a Disciple includes a Spiritual Gifts Assessment written just for students.




I Am a Leader

I Am a Leader is designed to guide your students through the process of learning, trying, and experiencing leadership. As they learn about essential traits and skills of leadership, they will be equipped to be servant-leaders who goes beyond personal preference to pursuing God’s purpose.

Invite new student leaders to learn about godly leadership, and challenge growing student leaders to apply these essential principles to their leadership.

I Am a Leader includes a Leadership Type Assessment and a Team Roles Assessment written just for students.


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“I Am” Series Bundle


Save 20% OFF each book