Four lessons on how to grow in faith and move past fear.

God promises peace, providence, and redemption through a relationship with him, but we are often self-obsessed, leading to an unstable foundation for our lives that is prone to fear and worry. These four lessons will address the problems of worry, anxiety, and fear in the life of a Christ-follower.

Lessons on the Go are easy-to-use youth ministry lessons that are Bible-based and single-focused. They’re designed to help everyone from volunteer leaders to experienced full-time youth workers quickly facilitate great discussions with clear takeaways and real-life application steps.


  1. What If I’m Anxious?: Knowing God and giving him control gives us peace when we are worried and anxious (Philippians 4:4–9)
  2. What If It Doesn’t Work Out?: God will give us exactly what we need (Luke 12:22–34)
  3. What If I’m Afraid?: When God is our everything, we have nothing to fear (Psalm 27)
  4. What If I Mess Up?: Failure isn’t the end of the world, it’s just another opportunity for God’s grace and redemption (Matthew 26:34–3; Mark 14:66–72; John 21:15–1)


  • One handout for both leaders and students keeps it simple. Just print and go! For more flexibility, give the back page for students and keep the front page as a leader-only resource that you can customize.
  • How To Use This Resource page you can give to volunteers and small group leaders with tips and clear takeaways.
  • Promo graphics for the series.


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