Intersections – One Year Curriculum

One-year curriculum that challenges students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s story.
52 completely downloadable and easy-to-use lessons. Includes parent guides, media and graphics and experiential activities.

It’s so easy to go through our day just checking boxes. We’ve forgotten that we’ve been invited to join an epic story—an adventure that unfolds as the Bible confronts our lives. Intersections is a year-long curriculum (52 lessons) that challenges students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s story.

Throughout Intersections, students will revisit familiar themes with the perspective of Scripture’s big picture—from God’s creation of the world, to what went wrong, to his plan to save it. They will also grow to understand their calling as citizens of Heaven living on Earth. Stepping into God’s epic story will bring them to many crossroads between God’s invitation and the world. When those moments come, help them choose.

Each lesson provides you with TWO TRACKS—a Small Group Lesson or a Large Group Talk—and includes these key elements: a Bible study, modern-day examples, discussion questions, an experiential activity, a focus on clear life application, a memory verse (in sharable JPEG format), and additional illustrations or object lessons.

What’s Included?

  • 52 Lessons (divided into shorter, 4-lesson series) (PDF and Word)
  • Parent Guides (with questions and suggested experiences for the whole family)
  • Media and Graphics
  • Video Training
  • Memory Verses (ready to share on social media)
  • Marks of a Disciple

*Intersections was created to fit perfectly into the Deep Discipleship system (including the 8 Roots of Discipleship and Marks of a Disciple).

The Holidays are Included!!! Don’t worry about finding new curriculum for the holidays and for the natural breaks in the ministry year (like graduation and the New Year). We’ve got you covered with 8 lessons that feed directly into the natural ebb and flow of your ministry calendar.

How can I use Intersections? Each lesson provides you with two tracks (a Small Group Lesson or a Large Group Talk), making it a perfect fit for Youth Group, Sunday Morning, Small Group, or Discipleship Ministry. And since the lessons are divided into 4-lesson series, they are great for events and retreats as well!


Lessons Included:

Check out the Scope & Sequence that gives you the entire overview of Intersections and a suggested overall sequence.