rooted 1 week mission trip devotional

Rooted: Mission Trip Devotional

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Bible Study Topic: Discipleship

Number of Days: 6
Each day includes:
  • Bible study methods
  • Prayer journal
  • Growth journal
  • Team evaluation tool

Over the past 15 years, thousands of students have field-tested our unique combination of Bible study, prayer and growth journalling, and evaluation. We know it works, and the result is spiritual growth, personal growth, and dramatic change in the lives of your students. 

Bible Study Topic

The Rooted: Trip Devotional is about helping students growing deeper in their walks with Christ by focusing on discipleship. It covers 6 core gospel topics: Rescue, Identity, Outreach, Worship, Kingdom, and Community.

Bible Study Methods

The Rooted: Trip Devotional intentionally uses different Bible study methods throughout the book. Your students will learn to view Scripture through a variety of lenses and are likely to discover at least one method they can continue to using after the trip.

Prayer Journal

The Rooted: Trip Devotional includes a customized prayer journal for students. They’ll walk through the ACTS method – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication –and record how God is answering their prayers.

Growth Journal

The Growth Journal inside the Rooted: Trip Devotional is a place for daily evaluation for individuals as well as space for students to write their thoughts and feelings. It’s a tool to help students realize how God worked in their lives on the trip.

Evaluation Tool

The Target Three evaluation tool inside the Rooted: Trip Devotional encourages daily evaluation of the team. Teams that evaluate on a regular basis grow in unity and overall effectiveness. Students will answer specific questions to identify what the team is doing well and how they can improve.


Bulk Pricing: $5.95 for 15 or more.
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Rooted: Mission Trip Devotional


Bulk Pricing: $5.95 for 15 or more.
Take a Look Inside >>