Mission Trip Devotional Bundle (Ephesians)

Two Mission Trip Bestsellers
Bring spiritual depth to your trip and help students continue on the mission road

This Mission Trip Devotional bundle includes:

Mission trips should be about transformation rather than just a cool destination. We started leading LeaderTreks Trips in 1994, and we use these very same Mission Trip Devotionals on each of our trips. The Mission Trip Devotional Bundle helps you bring spiritual depth to your student mission trip and help students continue on the mission road.


The Ephesians: Trip Devotional walks students through each chapter in the book of Ephesians and challenges students to experience the fullness of God and live the good life in Christ. Use this mission trip devotional to encourage students to be imitators of Christ every day.

It contains 6 Days of On-Trip Devotions using: 

  1. Bible Study Methods
  2. Prayer Journal
  3. Growth Journal
  4. Team Evaluation Tool


The Rappelling: Post Trip Journal is designed to help your students debrief their experience and transition or rappel back to daily life.

Rappelling features 4 Weeks of Post-Trip Devotions including:

  • Bible Studies
  • Challenges
  • Thought Provoking Experiences
  • Hard Questions
  • Insights into Story, Team, Reach, and Connection in students’ everyday lives


Mission Trip Devotional Bundle (Ephesians)