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The Core Sample Lesson

Want to try out The Core before you buy? We understand, so we’ve provided you with a great free trial package so you can get a feel for the content, how it works, and what’s included. This isn’t just a sample; it’s an actual lesson (and more) from The Core that you can use in your ministry.

This lesson is called “Adoption,” and it’s designed to help students discover how they’ve been invited into God’s family.

This free trial comes from the Rescue series of lessons that dive into the essentials of God’s great rescue story.

*The Core is designed to be the foundational curriculum for the Deep Discipleship family of resources.

Here is what’s included:

  • Scope & Sequence of The Core
  • Lesson Facilitator Guide
  • Lesson Student Guide
  • Animated Videos
  • Suggested Schedule
  • Bonus Sermon/Large Group Talk
  • Media Kit: Logos, PowerPoints, Posters, and more
  • Leader Prep Videos

Learn more about The Core and get the Full Version here.