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The Disconnect

By Doug Franklin February 24, 2011

My new book “The Disconnect: Bridging the Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor Gap” is now on sale, in both print and digital form. I’m really excited about the potential this book holds for helping youth pastors and senior pastors improve their relationship. This book covers 5 key areas in dealt with in the youth pastor/ senior pastor relationship: communication, core values, money, expectations, and shared mission. The book is actually two sided, so there is a chapter dealing with each of these topics written to both the youth pastor and the senior pastor, along with activities to help them discuss these topics. Here’s a small excerpt from the youth pastor chapter on core values:

Appreciate Others’ Core Values

It’s easy to look at life just through the lens of our own core values.  If focus is a big deal for you, then you may get impatient with a lot of relational time with seemingly no clear purpose. If discipline or routine is a high value, a staff member who values spontaneity and flexibility may frustrate you. Expecting people to have the same core values will only disappoint you. I’m not saying that your values are wrong or unbiblical, but the extremity to which you desire to live them out is not realistic for every person. They can’t live out your core values any more than you can adopt and passionately live out theirs. The answer? Offer grace. Other people are wired differently, and it’s a good thing. You and your church need a diversity of gifts and passions to minister effectively.

If you are interested in picking up the book, you can get it in stores and on Amazon soon, or at the Simply Youth Ministry Store.

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