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The Mighty Thor

By Doug Franklin May 10, 2011

While Doug’s away at a youth ministry conference, I’ll be blogging several days this week. Last night my wife got together with several other ladies from LeaderTreks to have a sewing party. While I am totally into all things sewing, I didn’t feel like my skills were up to par with the women, so I decided to partake in my own activity: I went to see Thor with our Executive Director John Vandervelde and our Media Coordinator Andy Biwer. I know, it’s not exactly similar to sewing, and that’s the point. I know many of you may also think I’m a huge nerd, and you’re right; I am a huge nerd. But Thor was awesome! It really was a great movie, full of action, amazing special effects, and a fantastic message.

While I’m a huge super hero fan, I didn’t really know the Thor storyline that well going into the movie. Thor, who is the son of Odin (King of a different planet) is banished from his world after he single handedly reignites a war between his planet and an enemy planet, whom they had a truce with for years. Thor is arrogant, selfish, and prideful, and his banishment to Earth is the ultimate blow to his ego. On Earth, his powers and the use of his weapons are gone, making him the same as everyone around him. Thor had grown up his whole life thinking he was the cat’s meow, a hero’s hero, the best at everything; yet as he wanders around Earth, he realizes his own pride led to the destruction of his once loved life. In the process of discovering humility, Thor also discovers the value of relationships and their vitalness in his life.

The movie is a great story about the power of humility and the destructive nature of pride. All in all, it’s a great film, one I’ll probably see again when it comes out for rental.

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