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Vision’s Short Life

By Doug Franklin August 13, 2012

I was reminded today that even though vision is powerful in the life of our followers, it tends to be short lived. Vision is one of those things that needs to be repeated often. We easy forget why we are doing what we are doing. When we lose “the why” our actions become hollow and meaningless. Meaninglessness leads to boredom and complacency. How many of your adult volunteers are bored? How many of them act with purpose and determination? Vision’s power is much like a flammable log; it burns hot for a short time but then loses its flame. In ministry, you continually need to fan into flame the purpose of everyone’s actions and sacrifice. Remember to:

1. Repeat the vision through people
Use illustrations of how the vision is being lived out by your followers.

2. Find creative ways to share the mission
The guy at Subway next to our offices is incredible at working fast and delivering quality. I often take staff members there and point him out as the best in his field. He makes subs, we develop leaders. I like to ask our staff, “who cares more?”

3. Inspiration destroys fear
Fear kills risk, but inspiration fuels risk. Inspire your people with your vision. Share your story of sacrifice, let people know the risk you are taking in leading them, and then share your dreams.

I know that many of you have cast the vision for your ministry already this year but it’s almost spring and ministry teams are losing strength. Don’t forget to pour on the vision.


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