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Youth Worker – Sr. Pastor Relationship

By Doug Franklin February 12, 2010

I am going to let you in on a church secret: the youth pastor and sr. pastor don’t often have a relationship (this may not be a secret). Yes they know each other and they serve together, but often they don’t get each other. When they do it’s rare. They come from two different cultures and they see the world very differently. The sr. pastors believe in respect and time served and the youth workers want to know what you did for him today. How can these two people go beyond a working relationship and move to a mentoring relationship?

1. Understand each other’s worlds
Both worlds are different but they are not that hard to understand. Get to know each other’s Christian world view; one is based on respect and one is based on impact. Stop devaluing the others view point. Try and understand the other person.

2. Communicate beyond numbers

When you meet in the hall, don’t play the church numbers game. If the sr. pastor asks how it’s going, don’t say great we had 25 kids this week. Tell him how your heart feels about the ministry that day. Be venerable and trust him to care for you.

3.  Do crazy stuff together
Invite your pastor to movies, or over to your house for a Wii night. Do stuff that you would do with your friends and the crazier the better. Hunt or fish, take him to his favorite food type of restaurant that he has never been to. Be creative but build your relationship outside of church.

Many of you are frustrated with your pastors. Stop complaining and start caring for your sr. pastor and you’ll see growth in your relationship.

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