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3 Keys to Delegation

By Doug Franklin February 6, 2012

Many of us desire to move forward in our leadership. To do this we need to improve our delegation. Delegation is a tough thing for some of us. We know it’s important but we can’t find the time to make it happen and the truth be told we don’t have the confidence to ask people to lead parts of our ministry. First we need to understand that our leadership is capped unless we get more people involved. We have to also realize that good people will leave our ministry unless we give
them more leadership. So if we don’t delegate, good leaders will leave and our ministries will stagnate. So how do we take that next step in leadership and begin to delegate responsibilities to others in our youth ministries?

1. Understand your responsibilities
Make a list of every task you do for your job. Don’t leave anything out. It can be a big list sometimes. Next to each item you have listed put a check mark by the responsibilities that bring you life and you enjoy.

2. Know your followers
Now take the list of responsibilities you have that don’t bring you life and think about someone else in the ministry that would LOVE to do that job. You will need to get to know your people very well. Think about using a LeaderTreks assessment (Sweet Spot) to help you know your people passions and gifts. Now delegate to them the new responsibility. Make it a big deal and give them the authority along with the responsibility.

3. Provide training and evaluation
Make sure you don’t just dump the new responsibility into their laps. Provide training and encouragement to help them get the most out of their new leadership role. Also give them good feedback and evaluation so they will know if they are doing a good job or need additional training.

By following these 3 keys to delegation your ministry will grow and you will be developing new leaders.

About the Author

Doug Franklin

Doug Franklin is the president of LeaderTreks, an innovative leadership development organization focusing on students and youth workers. Doug and his wife, Angie, live in West Chicago, Illinois. They don’t have any kids, but they have 2 dogs that think they are children. Diesel and Penelope are Weimaraners  who never leave their side. Doug grew up in…  Read More