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Discipleship Vs. Leadership Development

By Guest Contributor September 10, 2013

This is a post from my friend Mac Lake. Mac is one of the best minds in leadership development. His blog is http://www.maclakeonline.com – If your into leadership you should follow Mac’s blog.

Here is a question I get a lot:  What’s the difference between discipleship and leadership development?  Good question.  Fundamentally the process is the same, but the focus is different.

Discipleship: I learn to live like Jesus
Leadership development: I learn to lead like Jesus

Discipleship is primarily about character
Leadership development is primarily about competencies

Discipleship is about leading self
Leadership development is about leading others

Discipleship is about cultivating intimacy with God
Leadership development is about cultivating influence with people.

What other distinctions would you add to this list?

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