Encounters Sample Lesson

What is Encounters?

Encounters is a year-long curriculum that incorporates the 8 Roots of the Gospel from our Deep Discipleship System that will challenge your students to move past simply knowing the Word to living God’s truth.

God’s story is getting lost in a sea of competing stories. Students don’t see that they’ve been invited to join the truest, most life-changing adventure with God. By wrestling with cultural issues from the perspective of Scripture’s big picture, students will grow to understand their calling as citizens of Heaven living on Earth. We each stand at the crossroads between God’s invitation and the world—let’s choose to find our place in God’s story!

Want to try out Encounters before you buy? We understand, so we’ve provided you with a great free trial package so you can get a feel for the content, how it works, and what’s included. This isn’t just a sample; it’s an actual lesson (and more) from Encounters that you can use in your ministry.

This free trial comes from the Adventure series of lessons that explore what it looks like to follow Jesus boldly—to be a disciple—and how much better that is than what the world offers.

Here’s what’s included: 

  • 1 Complete Lesson from the Adventure Series (PDF and Word)
  • Complete Encounters Scope and Sequence
  • Designed Memory Verse (ready to share on social media)
  • Mark of a Disciple
  • Presentation and Promo Graphics

Learn more about Encounters One-Year Bible Study Curriculum and order the Full Version here.