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find the right trip assessment

Find the Right Trip Assessment

Choosing mission trips for teens can be a daunting task. With so many great and unique organizations to research and choose from, finding the right trip can easily become an overwhelming, high-pressure experience. You need need an affordable trip that matches your values and prioritizes protecting the local community. It’s not enough to pick mission trips for teens based on the price tag or the destination; you’ve got to assess potential ministry partners based on what they value and how well they avoid causing harm to the local community.

The best mission trips for teens are the ones that help you reach your goals for your youth group. So selecting the right partner organization is very important. Use this assessment to help you find the right trip for your group.

Here’s what’s included in the Find the Right Trip Assessment:

  1. TRIP ENVIRONMENT: What’s the best setting for your trip?

  2. PURPOSE: What is the main goal your trip?

  3. STUDENT INVENTORY: In what areas does your team need to grow?

  4. LEVEL OF CHALLENGE: What sort of experience will put students in their growth zone?