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Four Keys to Giving

By Doug Franklin December 21, 2010

It’s the time of year when we focus on giving. I often wonder why giving is not on our hearts at other times of the year. I love Christmas, and I love giving gifts. Here is my personal gift-giving philosophy. Follow these keys to giving:

1. Don’t give gift cards.
Gift cards say, “I like you, but not quite enough to spend a lot of time thinking about what would you happy.” I say this knowing that I am giving a bunch of gift cards this Christmas.

2. Don’t think money.
My mom likes to make sure every family member’s gift has an equal dollar value. Nothing says “you’re not that special” like making sure everything is fair. Buy or make gifts that mean something and express value for the recipient. The best gifts are given with regard to meaning rather than dollar amount.

3. Presentation doesn’t matter.
When a gift is wrapped nicely, I guarantee I’m not going to like it. Well-wrapped gifts is your signal that the gift stinks. Focus on presentation if you know the gift isn’t going to cut it; that way other people in the room will still think you care.

4. Quality matters more than quantity.
Buying lots of little gifts is a tactic used to cover up the fact that we don’t know what that person likes, and we don’t want to spend the time to find out. Take time to figure out a gift that will mean a great deal to the recipient.

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