helping parents connect on the mission trip

Give Students and Parents a Heart for Mission

By Doug Franklin May 1, 2014

We believe that mission trips and LeaderTreks Trips should be more than just mountain top experiences. They should be life changing. With a deeper spiritual focus, a mission trip can transform your students’ lives in powerful ways.

Here are two free resources to help revolutionize your understanding of mission trips. Both are available in the Mission Trip Prep Kit. Fill out the form below to download. 

Helping Parents Connect Before, During, and After the Mission Trip

Parents give the money. Parents put in the time. They are just as much a part of your students’ mission trip experience as anyone—at the beginning. How can you help parents stay connected after all the payments are made, the logistics are set, and their kids’ suitcases are packed? How can you help them walk alongside their students from preparation to homecoming? This resource is designed to enrich parents’ journeys while their students are away.

Helping Parents Connect asks questions to get parents thinking about how they can best connect with their students before the trip, during the trip, and after the trip. It is designed to keep them involved from the beginning to end, and to help them grow alongside their students.

Student Mission Trip Greenhouse

This resource will help you transform your short-term mission experience into an intentional time of growth for your students. It will guide you through pre-trip training, preparing your staff, relationship building, challenging students, and producing teachable moments.

A greenhouse is an environment intentionally focused on growth. Every aspect of a greenhouse contributes to the growth of strong and healthy plants, and every part of a short-term mission trip can do the same for students. Help your students grow into solid followers of Christ by refocusing the few precious weeks they spend on a short-term mission trip.

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