Great Staff Meeting Activity – Team Care Assessment

By Doug Franklin August 7, 2009

Often we judge the health of our teams based on how much our team member’s care about us, how nice they are to us, or how well they treat us. But really team care is all about us caring for our teammates. We get it backwards and teams fail because we are all waiting for someone else to care for us.  Reverse this trend by using this team care assessment.

This assessment is powerful, it will allow your staff members to see the problem by letting them state how much they care for team members and how much they feel team members care about them. It should lead to a heart-to-heart discussion that will help you get the problem out on the table so everyone can make changes in their behavior.

•  Have everyone take the Team Care Assessment.

•  When complete, collect the assessments (no need to put anyone’s name of them).

•  Tally up the scores and average them out for each question. It’s a good idea to write them on a white board so everyone can see the answers.

•  In most cases people will rate themselves higher in caring than the care they receive. This will give you a great chance to talk about taking personal responsibility for caring for others. If the results show the opposite (they receive more care than they give), you can talk about what changes they need to make to increase their care of others. Lastly, you might discover that the real problem is about valuing team care in the first place.  If so, take the time to cast the vision about the power of a team that cares for each other.

This is a great assessment to get people talking about how to improve the environment in which they serve.

Team Care Assessment


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