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Leading the Mission

By Doug Franklin September 24, 2010

Day 2 at Refuel in the Rockies and we  focused on leading the mission. God has called all of us in youth ministry to a mission and to lead people through that mission. The discussion here has been about how to move that mission deep into the lives of our students, parents and adult volunteers. We move past bumper sticker statements and take the mission deep into the hearts and behaviors of our people. We talked about practical ways to make that happen. This discussion took us into a discussion about how we relate with parents; which is leading me to believe many youth workers want to support parents but don’t know how and are not sure if parents want their help. We than spent the rest of our time talking about how to lead your adult volunteers.  Leading the mission requires us to be strong leaders and communicate what God has called us to do. It’s also fun stuff to spend a day talking about.

After our sessions we all spent time doing what we need to Refuel: some climbed mountains, others shopped Breckenridge, and some laid in hot tubs. It was a great day.

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