Mentoring Leaders

When I am starting the process of developing young leaders, I teach them about positional leadership vs. authentic leadership. I want them to know the difference between barking out orders and really caring for the people they are leading. I urge young leaders to see themselves as living in an upside down triangle, leading from the bottom. This builds trust and people want to follow someone they trust.

When I work with maturing leaders I talk with them about transactional leadership vs. transformational leadership. This is the same concept but at a deeper level. While transactional leadership is the sharing of facts, transformational leadership connects to the heart and motivates others to action. The more time we can be transformational, the more impact we will have with our follows.

When we teach this concept to our staff at LeaderTreks we use the following worksheet. Check it out and feel free to use it with your staff to discuss how to grow in leadership.