Vantage – One-Year Curriculum

One-year curriculum that helps students examine the issues that divide our world by digging into what God has said through his Word.
52 completely downloadable and easy-to-use lessons. Includes Annual Ministry Blueprint, Volunteer Training, Parent Resources, and Media.

Why Vantage?

Students are looking to the world to define who they are. But we know that something’s missing.

When they don’t know who God says they are, they’ll become whoever culture says they should be. When they don’t understand who God is, they don’t trust him or want their friends to know him. God’s grace gives students the perspective they need to trust God and who he made them to be.

Vantage is a year-long curriculum that shows how God’s grace changes the way that we see ourselves and the world. Use Vantage to help students examine the issues that divide our world by digging into what God has said through his Word.

From his vantage point, they will see that God isn’t just here to tell us what we can or can’t do, he’s seeking to redeem the world.

What’s Included:

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  • Access HERO’s exclusive Student Discipleship Tracker inside of Youth Ministry Apps
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Deep Discipleship Curriculum

Vantage is a Deep Discipleship Curriculum. Deep Discipleship is a Multi-Year Strategic Curriculum to grow deep faith. Every Deep Discipleship Curriculum focuses on the core of the gospel, using the gospel thread: the 8 Roots of Deep Discipleship. Throughout each year of Deep Discipleship content, you’ll teach and reinforce these core truths of the gospel and avoid graduating students with critical gaps in their knowledge of the faith. 

The 8 Roots of Deep Discipleship

  1. Rescue—What is God’s core plan for salvation? Why do we need to be saved, and what are we saved to?
  2. Knowledge—Who is this God we serve? What is he like, and what is his opinion of us?
  3. Kingdom—What does a life of discipleship look like? How is it different from the way the world operates?
  4. Outreach—What is God’s purpose for us as disciples? What responsibility do we have with the lost and the least of this world?
  5. Apologetics—How do disciples communicate God’s truth in a world that hates him? How do our stories fit into God’s grand story?
  6. Worship—How do disciples interact with God once they start following him? How does his majesty influence everything we do, not just our Sunday mornings?
  7. Community—What does it mean to be a part of God’s family? What does it look like to trade in an “I, me” mentality for an “us, we” attitude?
  8. Identity—At the most basic level, who are we as human beings, children of God, and disciples of Christ? How does our new identity in Christ change the way we see the world?

Looking to learn more? Read our Statement of Faith.

Vantage – One-Year Curriculum


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