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Every Christian has times of immense growth in their spiritual lives. At the same time, most believers would also say they’ve hit dry spells where it seems God is distant. Oftentimes these dry times are more of a reflection of our proximity to God, rather than his proximity to us. We know that God is calling us to a life of obedience in relationship to him. So what does a life of obedience look like? The LeaderTreks Personal Spiritual Health Assessment is a tool to help you look at 5 key principles for a living a healthy spiritual life.

The 5 principles are:

  • Living out of Quiet
  • Doing out of Being
  • Surrendering out of Trusting
  • Leading out of Listening
  • Growing out of Pruning

By taking an honest look at these principles and where you are at currently, we believe it can help you grow in your faith and your commitment to Jesus.

Download Spiritual Health Assessment

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