Pre-trip Training: Passport

Overall Topic: Pre-trip training materials to prepare students for the spiritual, team and leadership aspects of the mission trip

Number of Sessions: 4

Session Objectives:

  • Students connect with their personal mission.
  • Students understand how their mission connects with God’s plan for the world.
  • Students understand how the team is essential for accomplishing God’s purpose.
  • Students understand that this trip is the starting line of their life mission, but their mission has no finish line.

What is Passport about?
At LeaderTreks we believe a mission trip is primarily a spiritual experience. Passport encourages you to go beyond the logistics of the trip and the cultural experience by preparing your students for the spiritual, team and leadership aspects of the trip.

Four self-contained sessions include everything you need to run highly successful, interactive pre-trip training sessions. Passport includes:

  • Teaching outline and notes
  • Reproducible student guides
  • Illustrations and movie clip suggestions
  • Related activities and team building exercises

Who should use Passport?
Anyone taking students on a mission trip will benefit from this pre-trip curriculum. Arriving to your destination with a prepared team results in a deeper encounter with God, a more unified team, and a greater opportunity for developing leaders in your group and for God’s Kingdom.