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In this eBook, Doug Franklin makes the case for why student leadership in the church is important. With 80% of students disengaging from their faith after college, the hard truth is that the church is one generation away from being out of leaders. So how do we help students become owners of their faith instead of participators? How do we set up this generation of students to lead the church in the future?

Student Leaders Are Church Leaders will help you understand the theory of student leadership while giving you practical steps you can take to give your students ownership of the ministry. As you walk through the Leadership Development Model and 10 Principles of Leadership, you will gain a big-picture understanding of what it looks like for students to be leaders in the church. When Leadership is Learned, Experienced, Challenged, and Evaluated, students will be developed into the world changers they can be. Want to see your ministry and the world deeply impacted and changed for Christ? Let your students lead.

“Youth ministry is still about outreach, evangelism, discipleship, missions, and worship; it’s just better when led by students.” Whether you already have a student leadership program, or you want to start one, give this book a read and help your students lead now!


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