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Team Care Assessment

By Doug Franklin August 15, 2011

Its the start of a new ministry year. Soon we will have the kick-off meeting with our youth ministry volunteers. When staff care for each other, powerful ministry will happen. When they don’t, people will run for the door. Use this assessment to gauge how your volunteers feel about working on your team. This will get some good conversations started and help you to have a more effective staff.

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Directions: Answer this Team Care Assessment on a scale from 1 (terrible) to 10 (amazing).

Direct Communication
_____ How well do you communicate to your teammates?
_____ How well do we communicate to each other?
_____ How important is it for you that our team communicates?

Value for the Individual
_____ How well do you value every individual on your team?
_____ How well does our team value each individual?
_____ How important is it to you that we value every individual on our team?

_____ How well do you sacrifice for other team members?
_____ How well do we sacrifice as a team?
_____ How important is sacrifice to our team

The debrief:
This exercise can be very powerful.  You want to be sure that you allow for honesty but, also focus on team issues not individual issues.  Use the following process to teach through this activity:

1.  Have each person share their rating for each question.

2.  Tally the scores and write the average for each question on the board.

3.  The first two questions ask the team members to rate their performance and their team’s performance in each area.  The last question asks the team to describe their value for each area.  What usually happens is that the team’s score for value is much higher than their perception of how they are following through on that area.
•    Ask: “If we say we value these things why don’t we see them lived out on our team?”

4.  Finish the activity by asking the team to identify one concrete action they can take in each area of team care to improve the level of care on their team.  Have everyone write this down and commit to doing these things.

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